Friday, June 11, 2010

Vintage Rothmoor Black Wool Coat

Exquisite tailoring

Being My Own Model

I alway see such nice photos on etsy and bonanzle. These are the sites where I sell my product.

The photos that I love have models showcasing the product.

I felt that some of my items needed that touch, so I searched my mind for the perfect model. I have a niece who is absolutely beautiful and she was my #1 choice. But, alas, asking a young, vibrant girl to give up her time to model her aunt's product produced no results. In her favor, she does work hard - two jobs! In fact no one wanted to actually do it, not for love or money! Actually, not much money was offered, mostly just the chance at fame on the internet!

On to plan B. I could try to do it. I have never felt photogenic, in fact I hate having my picture taken. My photographer (my husband) sighed and tried to get out of the job. I had to trust that he could focus the camera. Doesn't sound to good for plan B!!

So, one morning, with the makeup and curling iron ready and waiting, I primped for my photo shoot. When I felt ready, I found my photographer, up to his elbows in dirt, pulling weeds in the garden.

We were very stiff at first. Me with my gut sucked in and him asking how to turn the camera on. We took many pictures with the hope of getting one that was OK. Fat chance.

Days later we were having a bit more fun with this project. I loosend up and he was more familar with the camera. We joked like we were on a real photo shoot, with him telling me "To work it, Baby."

I still feel that there is much room for improvement, but it is a fun expierence!

Hope you give it a try. And don't worry about knobby knees, wrinkles, age spots or thin hair, that's what photoshop is for!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not Quite Vintage

Great dress listed on bonanzle, which features great pre-owned items that are not quite vintage. Please visit AgelessThings on bonanzle.

Lovely romantic dress by Bizzit.

From the early nineties, it is a long, flowing dress in white with lovely red and yellow flowers.

A ruffled collar V's in the front and is closed with a pearly button.

This dress is very feminine.

It is pre-owned in nice condition. No rips, tears or stains.

It is 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

Made in Thailand. It is machine washable, tumble dry.

Size is small. Model was 8 petite, so that will give you an idea of size.

Measures approximate when laying flat on bed.

Bust 36 inches

Waist 34 inches

Hips 42 inches

Shoulder 3 1/2 inches

Length 49 inches

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is My Home

I remember the day I first came to St. Petersburg, Florida. It was over 34 years ago.

I was traveling with two friends. It was a cold and snowy February day in New England, when we left. We were looking for warmth and sun.

I remember crossing the Howard Franklin bridge from Tampa to St. Pete. The wonderful spans of blue water. Seagulls swooping to catch a fish. And yes, dolphins arching thru the water. I fell in love.

St. Pete is my home. I quickly adjusted to the economic structure, finding a job in the hospitality industry. It was perfect for me, meeting new people, making lifetime friends. My income was quite sufficient.

Over the years, I have gotten married and bought a house. It is a small house, by today's standards, but it has been my home for over 20 years.

Today, my life and my way of living is in grave danger.

Over forty-one days ago, a mistake was made. Someone did not do their homework. And the sad thing is real humans like myself are in a situation over which they have no control. What happens if and when this black goo, oil, comes here? It is a question I am asking every day now.

I have so many questions. How is the process of burning and using dispersant's affecting my air? What will happen if a tropical storm, or worse still a hurricane happens in the gulf this summer? Will this place be unlivable? I wonder if the people in other states, not affected, will care. Or if the demand for more oil, no matter the cost, will prevail.

Right now, the oil is not here. I look at the photos of Louisiana and cry. My heart is broken for your beautiful home. I pray that a way to stop this will be found. And I hope that every country looks at the damage and destruction that can occur and take greater care.

If you can't stop it, please don't start it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spread Your Wings and Fly

I've spent the morning watching nature take it's course.

Every year the woodpeckers show up at our backyard tree. They peck and peck. Sometimes it drives you crazy. Eventually the hole is made for their nest. Do we see baby woodpeckers? No, as soon as the hole is done, families of blackbirds start bringing twigs to the hole, build their nest and move in.

This year we have two to three nests with baby blackbirds.

For weeks now, I have watched the adult birds spend hours flying back and forth with tidbits of food for the little ones. I thought how tired they must be at the end of the day.

This morning I noticed one of the adults on our wires, chirping away and lifting it's wings up and down. As I watched, I realized he (or she) was showing one of the babies how to start flying. This has gone on for a few hours now.

The baby peeps it's indignation at leaving the nest. The teacher patiently shows the baby again and again.

I worry because it is a long way down and there is a possibility of being captured by one of my three cats. I guess that is nature's way, but in my mind I keep repeating "Blackbird Fly" to the melody of the Beatle's George Harrison.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Would like to tell everyone about the fab giveaway my team is having.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

When Life Gets in the Way

So many things to do, so little time.

I am in the hospitality industry, in Florida. The winters are filled with hours serving cocktails, dinners, deserts and coffee.

I'm not complaining, because I am lucky to have a job. It just seems that there isn't enough hours in a day.

When I have a day off, or even a few hours, I just want to kick off the uniform and relax.

Then I feel guilty because the floors need cleaning and there are dishes to be washed. The refrigerator has some Bleu Cheese dressing with an expiration date of Dec., 2009 and I guess I should clean it out soon. And a two hour trip to the grocery store would make those every night burgers go away.

There are things I love doing, working on my jewelry, watching a good movie without falling to sleep or reading a book. I do enjoy going out to dinner but then I would have to exert the energy to get dressed!

Of course I try to make time to keep up social networking. I think I have called my best friend once since November.

But summer is coming and the snowbirds are heading north. I will miss them.

But when my boss tells me to go home early because business is slow, my house will be spotless. I will have a wonderful dinner with a glass of wine. I'll watch some stupid movie on TV and complain that there is nothing to do.