Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spread Your Wings and Fly

I've spent the morning watching nature take it's course.

Every year the woodpeckers show up at our backyard tree. They peck and peck. Sometimes it drives you crazy. Eventually the hole is made for their nest. Do we see baby woodpeckers? No, as soon as the hole is done, families of blackbirds start bringing twigs to the hole, build their nest and move in.

This year we have two to three nests with baby blackbirds.

For weeks now, I have watched the adult birds spend hours flying back and forth with tidbits of food for the little ones. I thought how tired they must be at the end of the day.

This morning I noticed one of the adults on our wires, chirping away and lifting it's wings up and down. As I watched, I realized he (or she) was showing one of the babies how to start flying. This has gone on for a few hours now.

The baby peeps it's indignation at leaving the nest. The teacher patiently shows the baby again and again.

I worry because it is a long way down and there is a possibility of being captured by one of my three cats. I guess that is nature's way, but in my mind I keep repeating "Blackbird Fly" to the melody of the Beatle's George Harrison.

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