Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is My Home

I remember the day I first came to St. Petersburg, Florida. It was over 34 years ago.

I was traveling with two friends. It was a cold and snowy February day in New England, when we left. We were looking for warmth and sun.

I remember crossing the Howard Franklin bridge from Tampa to St. Pete. The wonderful spans of blue water. Seagulls swooping to catch a fish. And yes, dolphins arching thru the water. I fell in love.

St. Pete is my home. I quickly adjusted to the economic structure, finding a job in the hospitality industry. It was perfect for me, meeting new people, making lifetime friends. My income was quite sufficient.

Over the years, I have gotten married and bought a house. It is a small house, by today's standards, but it has been my home for over 20 years.

Today, my life and my way of living is in grave danger.

Over forty-one days ago, a mistake was made. Someone did not do their homework. And the sad thing is real humans like myself are in a situation over which they have no control. What happens if and when this black goo, oil, comes here? It is a question I am asking every day now.

I have so many questions. How is the process of burning and using dispersant's affecting my air? What will happen if a tropical storm, or worse still a hurricane happens in the gulf this summer? Will this place be unlivable? I wonder if the people in other states, not affected, will care. Or if the demand for more oil, no matter the cost, will prevail.

Right now, the oil is not here. I look at the photos of Louisiana and cry. My heart is broken for your beautiful home. I pray that a way to stop this will be found. And I hope that every country looks at the damage and destruction that can occur and take greater care.

If you can't stop it, please don't start it.

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