Friday, June 11, 2010

Being My Own Model

I alway see such nice photos on etsy and bonanzle. These are the sites where I sell my product.

The photos that I love have models showcasing the product.

I felt that some of my items needed that touch, so I searched my mind for the perfect model. I have a niece who is absolutely beautiful and she was my #1 choice. But, alas, asking a young, vibrant girl to give up her time to model her aunt's product produced no results. In her favor, she does work hard - two jobs! In fact no one wanted to actually do it, not for love or money! Actually, not much money was offered, mostly just the chance at fame on the internet!

On to plan B. I could try to do it. I have never felt photogenic, in fact I hate having my picture taken. My photographer (my husband) sighed and tried to get out of the job. I had to trust that he could focus the camera. Doesn't sound to good for plan B!!

So, one morning, with the makeup and curling iron ready and waiting, I primped for my photo shoot. When I felt ready, I found my photographer, up to his elbows in dirt, pulling weeds in the garden.

We were very stiff at first. Me with my gut sucked in and him asking how to turn the camera on. We took many pictures with the hope of getting one that was OK. Fat chance.

Days later we were having a bit more fun with this project. I loosend up and he was more familar with the camera. We joked like we were on a real photo shoot, with him telling me "To work it, Baby."

I still feel that there is much room for improvement, but it is a fun expierence!

Hope you give it a try. And don't worry about knobby knees, wrinkles, age spots or thin hair, that's what photoshop is for!

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  1. Love your camera adventure, looks like Larry's got the hang of it and on to being a pro! Great work my friend!