Thursday, May 21, 2009


One evening, not long ago I spent quite a few enjoyable hours on the forums in etsy.

I had started a thread in promotions. Now, the promotion threads die easily, so to keep it alive I visited the stores who did post and wrote a little comment on each.

I met some amazing etsy sellers. Wheither it was a seasoned or newbie store, I wondered how buyers pick just one to buy from. It was overwhelming.

I reluctantly drew myself away from my computer.

With the wish of winning the lottery (so I could buy everything I saw) and a slight backache from sitting too long, I ran a hot bath and made a cup of tea. I settled in the tub, ready to relax. Closing my eyes, a strange thought entered my head.

Who are these people that open shops on etsy?

I imagined the whole world crafting away!

Now, looking at the handmades on etsy, it is hard to tell who is behind them.

A beautifully crocheted item may have been made by a grandmother, a teenager or even - gasp - a man.

The maker of childrens items may have a house full of children or none at all.

Imagine a jewelry maker who doesn't wear jewelry.

But making something with your own two hands is not a geographical concern. Nor does it know age or gender. What is involved is imagination. A desire to create something tangible from a wisp of an idea.

It is knowing that even if the whole world is making the same thing, your's is unique because there is a piece of you in the item.

So I decide that I must look at the indie artist differently. I don't care about the age or gender. And I could care less if the view from their window is the Pacific Ocean or the sidewalks of Paris.

When I see a get well card, I know the hands that made it felt a need of making the receiver feel better.

When I view a felted monster or toy, I feel the smile behind it's making.

There is a warmth that is added in all the knitting, quilting and crochet.

Can you feel the love in the wedding products, the desire to adorn you by the jeweler.

And what about the photographer who give us that nano second in time to hold forever.

I could go on and on (I bet you thought I was going to).

The indie artist is all about feeling while creating. It's what handmade is all about.

And thats who these people are. I'm proud to say I am one of them.

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  1. This is a nice post about etsy artisans - great job! I wonder about people sometimes too - where they get their ideas from, why they decided to open a shop on etsy, etc. etc. etc.