Monday, June 22, 2009

New Store

I have always loved sifting thru the piles in the local thrift stores.
Or spending a Saturday morning driving around looking for garage and estate sales.
Often I will buy something that stirs my interest, never to use it.
I have jewelry pieces that I thought I would take apart and use in my work, but I cannot find the heart to desecrate the piece.

I am particularlly attracted to purses, shoes and old books. I have quite a collection of first editions. Today I used my Jane Eyre, 1943, edition to photograph against for my new store.
My new store, AgelessThings is a place to find new homes for items I fall in love with. You may find almost anything that I can't resist. I hope you will come visit and spend some time. It will be growing daily.


  1. Thats so fun. My Etsy store is kind of the same concept with some homemade stuff thrown in. Good Luck!

  2. I too love vintage jewelry and old books! Thanks for visiting too!

  3. I love garage sales. Congrats on the new shop! Off to check it out. : )

  4. I'm with you, we're etsy friends for a reason!! I love the new shop and the prices are very reasonable!