Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In most of the interviews that I read of etsy sellers, there is one question that scares the heck out of me. "Where does your inspiration come from?" The answers given are usually very good and really make you want to look at the seller's work.

My inspiration is a concept that totally baffles me. Even when I ask myself "Where did that come from?", my mind is a blank.

Many times when I purchase beads and things, it is on a whim, an impulse buy. It may sit in my stash for a long time without any recognition of it's real potential. I have been known to find a bag of product, months later, tucked away in a cabinet. Oh yea - let me make something with this! I'm inspired.

Other times "inspirations" come on me like a hurricane in Florida. I'm sitting around wondering what to make and the greatest idea comes to me. I'll make wedding jewelry. I'll do a whole line with this idea. I run out and replenish my pearl and crystal supplies. I scour the bridal magazines for "inspiration". Finally my creation, a new necklace is born. I'm on my way! Cool! Now to make the earrings.

As I dig thru my stash, looking for a silver bead for the new wedding earrings, I find this great piece of turquoise that I purchased last May. Wow, why didn't I make something with that? It's beautiful and with some coral and black colored beads it would be fabulous.

Where are those black beads that I purchased in the fall?

I push the pearls and crystals off to the side of my work bench. I drag out my bin of black beads. I search thru the little plastic bags which I use to "organize" my beads. I find the right bead. Now where did I put the turquoise? It's definitely mixed in somewhere with these pearls and crystals.

So when I do my first interview as a seller, I'm just going to lie when they ask me where my inspiration comes from. I'll tell the interviewer "I put on my CD of ocean sounds and I close my eyes and think of the nature of things. I see the blue of the bluebirds, the browns of the owls, the reds of the roses and it inspires me to make beautiful jewelry." I won't mention the cluttered work space. And I won't admit that what started out as pearl earrings ended up being a Southwest turquoise necklace.


  1. LOL! I so relate! Very enjoyable post! : )

  2. Hi friend! I awarded your blog the friend's award! You can check it out on my blog. : )

  3. That was a hilarious and interesting read. And one that I can completely relate to. There are times when I am inspired by nature and colors and people, but there are also times that I just make what I make it there's really not much more to it than that. So if someone were to ask me what inspires me, I'd have a hard time putting my finger on it too.