Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday was a busy day for the busy bead lady.

Tuesday night when I got home from my real world job, I thought maybe I would relist a couple of items.

I try to list in 3's so that my same colors are on the same line on my store page. My sister works for a department store and she told me that there is a certain way things are set up in color formation. It's kind of a psychic you into buying thing. Of course, etsy isn't set up to move listings around in your store so the only way to do this, that I know, is to relist them together. Any hoo, I'm getting off the subject! Forgive me, my mind tends to go places without me. Well, I noticed that there were only two pearl items on the first line and I figured I hadn't hit the finish button when I last relisted and the third pearl item had been sitting in inactive limbo since my last relisting. I went there and the listing wasn't there! Where is it? I went down the list of my items twice and still didn't find it. WHERE IS IT? The only place I hadn't checked was items sold. And there it was.

It was midnight, my printer is broken and I have no idea where all my shipping supplies are. I haven't used them since December.

Wednesday morning the item was packaged and off I went to the post office. When I got there it was not busy at all and I breezed right through. I had told my husband that I might stop at the bead store. He knows when I say "might" it really means "See you in about 2 to 3 hours, love you, bye".

It was my lucky day! They are having a SALE! I am trolling the aisles, adding to my cart, when a lightning bolt thought hit me. What am I doing? I have beads and beads and beads at home from trips like this and online purchases. It occurred to me that I haven't used those beads because I never plan anything. I just like the bead. As cool as this is, I find that many times the beads I buy do not coordinate with anything I have. So sadly, I went back and returned the beads in my cart to their proper place. This is another thing my sister in retail told me about. Clerks get real angry at people who just dump the things they don't want anywhere. It seems it makes their job harder when they have to return the items back to their proper place.

Any hoo, again. I returned the beads and stopped and really concentrated on what I wanted to make. I picked out the beads with the piece in mind, and rounded up everything that I need to make that piece. I now know that when I sit down to bead that everything works together. And, as a bonus, I actually saved some money.

I'm starting to scare myself with how smart I'm getting to be.

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  1. Good job! I started making list.

    Someone tagged me and so I tag you! If you go to my blog you will see. I figure at least it is another link to your shop!