Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have been tagged by Gypsy Moon Designs.
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1) I was at Woodstock, yes the 1st. one.
2) I moved to Florida in 1976 thinking I could camp out in the Everglades till I found work. I changed my mind when I saw the Everglades, it's a swamp, but I still live in Florida.
3) I once lived in an apartment building with 6 units. All of the units were occupied by women. We all worked different hours and shifts. No matter what time you got home it seemed someone was relaxing on the veranda. Had some great times with these friends.
4) I have one brother and one sister.
5) I miss seeing the fall colors change. And walks in the woods.

I am tagging: HandmadebyAngie. WendiWinn. Pesky33. SygnetCreations.
Mannie of Mannie Mandible.

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