Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Where has the time gone. My last post was on the 19th of February. Oh, only 5 days ago. Why does it feel like sooo long?
I have been experiencing not only writer's block, but also artist block. I turn on the computer and go to my blog and end up reading more of other's blogs than writing mine. I sat down to make a bracelet. Two days later, after I had taken it apart about 15 times, I finally liked what the finished product looked like.
I think that living has just been getting in the way. I have been working many hours at my real world job, and we have had company down from Connecticut. I loved seeing the company and playing tourist here in Florida, but the working so much is for the birds. You see, the good news is that I have a job, the bad news is that I have a job.
Anyway, while I was reading everyone Else's blogs, I came across one that I like very much because of the positive nature of it. If you have a chance, stop by stellaltinaan.blogspot.com .
It will give you a nice boost. I also like following yourgreenshopper.blogspot.com. there is alot of good info on green things like the environment and health and shopping. Following gypsymoondesigns, she just seems like such a nice person.
So I will end this post. I hope next time I can come up with some fascinating subject, but right now I'll just go to bed and sleep on it.

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