Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dear Lord,
I am but a speck on this earth.
You gave us an ecosystem that is so exact and perfect, until I effect it by my selfish changes.
Please guide me to respect, love and care for every detail of my world.
It's not easy, dear Lord, in this day and age.
I am very used to my lifestyle.
There is not a minute in my day that I don't take advantage of what my planet has to offer.
Maybe it is in your plans that we won't last forever and I won't question your wisdom.
But, please dear Lord, let us survive as long as we can, enjoying our earth as you made it.
Please help me to see the beauty of each element, and do all that I can to protect your vision.
Show me the way to use what you have given us, without destroying something else in the process.
Guide our leaders and statesmen to find answers.
I am but a speck on this earth.

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