Saturday, March 14, 2009


Since opening a store on etsy, I have become one with my computer. Thankfully, my husband has a great disposition and a sense of humor. I get up in the morning, before my eyes are fully open or a cup of coffee, the computer is turned on. Between shifts at my real world job, I take the short time I have to click on and see if anything is happening. At night is when I have some real time. I am on the computer before my shoes are off!

I have my routine. First I check my etsy site, then it's off to my artfire. Next is usually Craftcult to see if I have any new hearts , or been featured anywhere (not yet), a new feature they've added. I then travel to either my blog (which hopefully is where you are), or on the etsy forums to visit. Once I have accomplished all of this, I kind of go surfing. My favorite's site is so filled with places I want to spend more time on! I wonder when my computer will go "Warning,
warning! I'm stuffed!"

Anyway, this brings me to a site I found last night. It is packed with tips by etsy sellers and for etsy sellers. I read most of the articles, but one really seemed tailored to me. It is written by AmyVanderVorste. (She owns avlor imprints, a lovely shop with banners, avatars, stationery and art prints.) The article is under the Shop Tips section, and is titled "eating a marketing elephant". Great title, Amy! It addresses the issue of scattering yourself around. She gives great tips that I intend to implement, especially the one about concentrating on one thing and perfecting it, then moving on to the next.

I don't suppose that I will give up surfing completely, but facebook, twitter etc. etc. will be on hold for a little longer. How will they survive without me! So much to do - so little time.


  1. Hi again. I just awarded your blog the Lemonade Award! You can see the details over at my blog.

    Have a great day! : )

  2. This made me smile! I am the same way!! My husband was always on the computer before and I just didn't get it! Now I do, over the months, my routine has changed and I now check my blog before my Etsy shop!